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The lensatic compass--also called a military compass--is a precision instrument that when used with a topographical map can guide the adventurous off marked trails into wilderness areas with confidence. The lensatic compass is used to set course bearings, orient yourself to a map and follow a course over land. Carrying and being able to navigate with a map and lensatic compass is a good idea, even when you are traveling with a GPS unit. Electronics do fail, so being able to get to your destination safely with a map and compass is an invaluable skill. 


* Classic military design with rugged plastic case. 
* With floating luminous dial, it can illuminate in the dark environment. 
* The luminous marching line can be adjusted. 
* Portable that can be hold in a hand, with a magnifying viewer. 
* Sighting hairline for precision. 
* Ideal for locating positions on the map or in the field both on land and water. 
* High quality, compact, light and durable. 
* Material: Rugged metal case 
* Dimension: approx 7.6 x 5.6 x 2.5 cm/3.0 x 2.2 x 1.0". 
* Weight: approx 90g. 
* Color: Army green. 
* Liquid filled for fast read ability 
* 100% Brand New. 

Instructions for Lensatic compass: 
To take a fix: Using the compass hairline, sight on a prominent landmark or feature shown on a map. Read the magnetic bearing from the front of the compass dial 
For example, assume you are sighting on a lighthouse and the bearing to the lighthouse in 40, Now place the compass on the map so that lighthouse is on wire-line and Ns is parallel to the magnetic north line on the map. Your location is on the dotted line 

Package include: 
1 x Marching Lensatic Compass Military 

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